Our Forest Dress

Our Forest Dress

A dress for the conceptual woman. Simple, beautiful, modern, timeless and glamorous.

A slender maxi with a high round neckline and short sleeves. Another essential, practical yet alluring design for every woman. A timeless piece that will preserve its identity with the times and keep its relevance. Quality fashion is a wardrobe investment this design lasts and can be worn multiple ways and to various occasions.

This brown dress is plain, simple, tight and powerfully feminine. At a time when the world is changing rapidly and keeping up with fashion trends can be exhausting, uncertain and confusing. Predictions are hard to make but one thing remains sure: in its cleanest, most uncomplicated form, there will always be place for a versatile, good quality simple dress.

The super- soft cotton feels incredible on the skin. This comfortable design can be casual or dressed up. For a more casual look one can add a denim or leather jacket and pair it up with some sneakers. For a more smart-casual look style with a pair of ankle boots and some fine accessories. For an evening look simply add your favourite heels, a waist belt and accessories. One can just keep it simple with no accessories or embellishments to speak of, just you in your shape – flattering simplistic Forest Dress. The options are endless, and you are in charge.  

This brown dress was designed to complement not just the glamour but also the romantic nature of the Lannata woman.